The fight is not over for you

Don’t sound as though all is lost…it is not…Think of your children…and fight for them….In the story that for the lamb suggested you read….that man lost and his children lost…If you are half the father you claim to be…then you will fight for survival…because even though you may not feel this is true…I speak to you from experience….Your children will some day need you…You and only You will be able to fulfill their need…Each one of my three children have come to me as young adults and have stated that something was missing from their lives…that something was me….

They needed my help….This has happened on separate occasions with each child…They have told me they have always loved me…and the only reason they went along with their mother and did and acted as she requested was for their own survival…they just didn’t know any better also….When I think back to these times it brings tears to my eyes…I am so thankful that God instilled in me to stay and fight…now I think I am just about beyond my ex and her injustices…I remarried and have a wonderful wife who has helped me for the last 13 years…she too has suffered greatly by all my ex has done…

I know that she loves me so very much as she has hurt each time I have hurt…and yet she has comforted me….I also have a wonderful 7 year old daughter who loves her Daddy and we share life as a family as it should be….so look ahead..fight each fight as it comes to you and to the best of your ability….print this post and carry it in your pocket to remind you that even under the most extreme circumstances…life has a way of working out if you keep faith in yourself and God….