Thank you for posting this

I did not refer to that story to say it is hopeless but to point out that she should not be trusted if she says the offer has been dropped or to ask him to come over to get his things.

I should have mentioned the very things you have said and it is so good that you have said them.

Thank you so much.

Often seems seem hopeless but that can be a false impression. There was once a young man that was sold into salvary by his own brothers. Later he was accused of rape by his bosses wife when “SHE” tried to seduce him and he said no. He was placed in prison for this but later his former boss needed something that only he could do. After he did it, he was made the 2nd highest ruler of this land. Yes, his name was Joesph and this true story is found in Genesis chapters 37-50. Do not lose faith in God my friend. Prayer does change things.