Long process

I have visitation rights of my two children here in Florida. I had to petition the court numerous times to get them to enforce the visitation because my ex refused. Since then, visitation has still not been consistent; my ex attempting to place the children in the middle. My children are 15 and 9. I have contacted HRS in my county several times concerning neglect on my ex’s part…three times the report concluded possible neglect, but nothing was done. I was told that I’d need to get a lawyer. My 15 yr old was kept expelled from school last year for trouble she got into.

When the timperiod was up and it was time for her to back to school, my ex did not send her and the child was kept out of school for approximately 5 months…failing because of it. I have contacted the school, the school board, local newspapers, Child Welfare, and was told by everyone that nothing could be done and I needed to get a lawyer.

My 9 year old is left alone after school (the 15yr old lives with my step son)because my ex works from 4pm until 12am sometimes longer. My concerns with this is that my ex wife is Korean born, has not applied herself to learn this language and doesn’t take the time to help my 9 yr old with her homework.

I want custody and although I’m “saving” for a lawyer,, find it hard to believe that nothing has been done to this point. Advcie, comments?