You may have to pay back welfare

You may have to pay back welfare, regardless of whether she defrauded them or not. It is very rare that they will prosecute a mother for fraud when they can go after the father. There is a case in Modesto where a father has always had custody, for 16 years. The mother kept filing for […]

Going to court soon

Back in February, my ex wife decided to move to New Mexico with her boyfriend leaving my 9 year old daughter with me. I promptly filed for custody. Since then my daughter has beed therapy because her mother constantly makes her feel bad when she calls he. Plus she has venomous creatures at her new […]

If your question is

If your question is “do I have a good chance of winning custody” I think the answer is “yes”. I’d say you have a very good chance. To strengthen your case, youmight want to do the following: formally accuse your ex of abandonment. Many men loose out when the wife demands a divorce and they […]

Each time we have been in court

Her attorney has indicated 2 children. Never once giving the fact that I now have custody of my daughter. I have tried several time to provide proof through statements and evidence (all pertinent documents), and the courts will not recognize it. On one such occasions I had a Hearing officer tell me to “shut up […]