A little help please

I have been divorced in Ohio for approximately 1 year. Can anyone (familiar with Ohio laws) what my odds are for getting custody of my two daughter (4 & 6)? They constantly cry when I take them back to her house, wanting to stay with me. It is killing me.
Here is a little back ground on my past with my ex-wife:

1. I was forced to take her to court and have an order placed stating that her step-father (who molested her as a child) could not baby-sit, be alone with our children, and they couldn’t spend the night at her mother and step-fathers house. I had to take her to court for this.

2. She is now 5 months pregnant with her current boyfriends baby.

3. I also get 6 weeks visitation instead of the standard 4 weeks. I get the first 3 weeks of the summer, she the second, and so on. I had my first three weeks (it was great, we went camping in Va., S.C., Tenn., and Ky.).

I dropped the girls off on a Sunday. On the following Thursday, she dropped them back off to me so her boyfriend and her self could go to Denver on vacation. She picked them up the following Wednesday.

I again had my three weeks (by the way, she only called twice to talk to the girls the whole 6-weeks I had them). Now I dropped the girls off on a Thursday evening and that Friday I was to have my standard visitation, she said I was not to see the girls for the next 3-weeks because this is her time with the girls. She then missed my weekday afternoon visit(but I called that evening to talk to them) and just yesterday missed my next weekend visitation. So I haven’t see my girls since the first of August. I have filed police reports each time she wouldn’t let me have my daughters.

If anyone can give me some advice on getting custody or anything other rights I might have, I would greatly appreciate it.

P.S. Check out the Photos. I am posting a editorial I just had printed in the Mansfield (Ohio) New Journal about fathers.