If your question is

If your question is “do I have a good chance of winning custody” I think the answer is “yes”. I’d say you have a very good chance. To strengthen your case, youmight want to do the following: formally accuse your ex of abandonment. Many men loose out when the wife demands a divorce and they […]


First I apologize for vanishing the way I did. I was laid off ten weeks ago and have focused all my energy on finding a new job. It looks like I may get two offers in the next few weeks. The bad news is that both jobs are in Mass. and I live in PA. […]

Each time we have been in court

Her attorney has indicated 2 children. Never once giving the fact that I now have custody of my daughter. I have tried several time to provide proof through statements and evidence (all pertinent documents), and the courts will not recognize it. On one such occasions I had a Hearing officer tell me to “shut up […]